Fun Family Activities You Can Do at Home

Fun Family Activities You Can Do at Home - hero

Has there even been a time in recent memory when we’ve had so much, well..time? In these unprecedented times, surely you’ll excuse us from breaking away from the financial tips and focusing on something a little closer to home. If you’re running out of ideas to best use quality time with your family, allow us to give you a little inspiration for ten fun family activities you can do right at home.

Rearrange Your Space

It’s probably not a stretch to assume you’ve been seeing a lot of the same thing over the past few weeks. Rethink your layout in common areas—you can even get super-detailed with grid paper and measuring tape to test out ideas before you get into the heavy lifting. Don’t you remember back to your own childhood days when rearranging your bedroom made you feel like a brand new person? Now’s the time to let kids run wild with creative ideas for their bedroom furniture—if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch it back.

Prepare a Meal Together

Is the same person saddled with planning, preparing and executing meal prep every night? No, no more of that. At least for one meal, bring the whole family into the mix. Brainstorm a menu, assign different tasks (based on skill level if you’ve got tiny tots: dumping canned beans into a strainer might be the extent of their capacity) and cook together. Kids might even enjoy the meal more and try things they might typically be averse to if they had a hand in putting it together. (Sprinkle in the “Wow, you did a great job! This tastes great!” liberally.) If you still haven’t cleaned up the Mega-Fort, throw down a few couch cushions and have an indoor picnic!

When in Doubt, Color!

No coloring books? No problem. There are plenty of resources to download printable coloring pages in whatever theme your kids’ heart may desire at the moment. If the weather is nice, now’s the perfect time for sidewalk chalk! The trend-of-the-moment is to lay out stained glass-window patterns in painter’s tape on the concrete (or wood-plank fence!), fill in the spaces and remove the tape for a beautiful work of art.

Have a Talent Show

One of the most fun family activities may be the old-fashioned talent showcase! Before you ask, they don’t actually have to be good—or even necessarily a “talent” in the technical sense. They just have to be fun. This may quickly turn into off-key karaoke night..and that’s fine, too!

Hit Up the Library..Remotely!

We all know it’s a great time to pursue learning and reading opportunities but it can be hard to put those desires into practice. Luckily, your local library is right there at your fingertips! You can link your library card with an app like Libby to download books and stream audiobooks to enjoy right from your device. Books are in higher demand right now, so go ahead and put several holds on items you’re interested in to get access in the coming weeks.

Cookie Bake-Off!

If you’re not one to back down from a cooking (and let’s be honest—cleaning) challenge, task each family member with researching or elaborating on their own cookie recipe. It’s not a bad idea to cut the recipe in half if you don’t want to be eating cookies for every meal over the coming, you can sneak in a little math to boot.

Make a Movie

Here’s an opportunity to capitalize on your family members’ unique strong suits. You might have a natural writer to churn out a great story, an intuitive visual artist who can storyboard it, and a budding cinematographer (even if it’s “just” on their phone) who can shoot your family’s masterpiece. Whatever your kids are interested in, give them a shot to shine at it—and then send the finished product to your friends and family!

Set Up a Leftover Bar

You’re probably cooking from home more often than you had been in previous months. You’re probably also more than a little fatigued by the idea of whipping up a brand new meal. Pull out all the leftover items from the past few meals and create a buffet-style setup. Dig out your “nicer” dinnerware and serving items and treat it like a real occasion—kids might be persuaded to eat more (and eat more diversely) if they see food served up differently than they’re used to. You can cut food waste and take a break from cooking; it’s a win-win. And what’s more, you’ll be one step closer to cleaning out your fridge!

Family Read-Aloud

Reading aloud is a good time to let novice readers “punch above their weight” so to speak. After all, you’ll all be on-hand to field plot questions and help sound out trickier words. Pick a chapter book–maybe one that you loved when you were younger! Get cozy and take turns reading aloud to each other. Worried about younger kids’ shorter attention spans? Try to keep their hands busy (with coloring, puzzles or blocks) or read while they’re enjoying a snack. Don’t be afraid to turn on the dramatics for different characters’ voices! Bonus points if the book has an accompanying movie you can roll straight into afterward.

And Speaking of Movies..

Finally, you can’t beat a movie night. Try dressing it up with a few extra steps! You can draw up posters, create movie tickets and pass them out earlier in the day to build anticipation. You can even pretend it’s a premiere and have a fancy dress code! Lay out a “red carpet” (which could definitely be a beach towel) and snap a few paparazzi shots.


We hope you’ve found a little inspiration in our ideas for spicing up family meals and leisure time! In the meantime, though times may be different we at Y-12 Federal Credit Union remain here to serve our members. We’re ready and waiting to assist you with achieving whatever financial goals you may have! We thank you for spending a little virtual time with us today, and for allowing us to be a part of your family’s lives.