Y-12 FCU Home Lending Special

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When Y-12 Federal Credit Union was founded in 1950, the average house cost less than $10,000! Today, the home of your dreams probably costs a bit more than that–but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your reach. Get competitive rates with up to 100% financing and assistance from expert Home Lending Advisors with home lending from Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Because we’re celebrating our 70th Anniversary, we have a special offer for you – $700 off closing costs!

We want you to make yourself at home. Better yet, we want you to feel comfortable making a house a home. Whether you’re in the market for your first place, a bigger place to raise your growing family, or a peaceful place to enjoy retirement, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You can count on us for a full range of home lending options, local-market knowledge, terrific rates, fast decisions, and friendly, professional guidance. We’ll even help you build the architectural marvel you dreamed about as a kid. You know, the one with the game room and the pool the size of a football field. Whatever your plans may be, our home lending team is ready to walk you through every step of purchasing, refinancing or paying for construction.

Expect more from your Home Lending experience!

100% Financing

Think of 100% financing as our way of showing you a short cut home. Designed for those who are ready for home ownership, but don’t have enough savings for a hefty down payment, this program can get you into a home sooner than you thought possible.

Jumbo Loans

Ready to move up – and by up, we mean up to that 5-bedroom, 5-bath stunner in the great neighborhood or the mountain retreat with the killer views and absolutely no neighbors? If so, one of our Jumbo Home Loans can make your dream home, your next home. (Click here to learn more about Jumbo Loans!)

Construction Loans

When you’re ready to build exactly the home you want, you need exactly the right lender. Lucky for you, that’s us. We can help you pay for the lot, finance construction, and once your new home is completed, convert your loan to 15 or 30 year mortgage.

USDA Loans

Y-12 Federal Credit Union partners with the US Department of Agriculture to help make your new rural home a reality. Stay where you’re comfortable — and away from the hustle and bustle — but where it also suits your convenience. There’s no down payment when you apply for a federally backed rural development loan.

Manage Your Home Loan

Electrical repairs? Too hard. Plumbing problems? Don’t even ask. Managing your home loan? That’s easy! We’ve got the right technology and the right people to help when you need us. Our online portal is super easy to use, and when you need to speak to someone, we’re just a phone call away.

Home Lending Advisors

Ready to get moving? If so, we’re ready to help. One of our friendly advisors would love to guide you through the process. From free pre-approval – so you can shop with confidence – to closing on your new home, and beyond, we’re here for you every step of the way. Which brings us to our special anniversary offer: $700 off closing costs!

What are closing costs, anyway?

The term “closing costs” includes a variety of expenses above the purchase price of your property. This could mean fees for an attorney, a title search, title insurance, taxes, lender costs and some upfront housing expenses such as homeowners insurance. Both buyers and sellers have expenses to pay at the settlement table, but what they pay depends on negotiations between buyers and sellers. There are essentially three sections of closing costs that buyers need to pay: lender fees, title company fees and prepaid costs. Buyers usually pay for the majority of closing costs, although there can be exceptions. You can also negotiate some closing costs, but most are hard fees that can’t be changed.

Celebrate 70 years with us!

Come celebrate with us by letting us help you get into your dream home! Click here to learn more about our 70th Anniversary Y-12 FCU Home Lending Special. Call us today at 1-800-482-1043 or visit your nearest branch to start your new home journey with Y-12 Federal Credit Union!